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Raphael Schmitt. Did you know that there is a lively exchange between students from different Steiner schools? 
Therefor, there even exists an internet platform called:, which a student developed during his 12th grade project.

Switzerland has been represented relatively weak as a Country, although this possibility can be very interesting for the students and for the school. For the host families, it is a special experience to take foreign students in for a few months. We are also convinced that Switzerland is an exciting destination for foreign exchange students.

There are also financial benefits. Since the mutual exchange works between the participating schools, we can offer our students a cost-neutral alternative to classical language studies. For these reasons, the Rudolf Steiner School Oberaargau promotes international student exchanges and is a member of the above exchange platform.

As part of the project Advanced College, a three-month exchange in English-speaking countries was implemented in the planned profile for the 11th grade. Two students of our current 10th grade this year are already a few months in England!

See also: EOS initiative - Advanced College - with IB Diploma degree from the RSSO.


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